On size does not fit all

There is a thoughtful essay on the Brooking Institution's website by Spanish politician and diplomat Javier Solana entitled "The flip side of Euro-Atlantic integration,' which will allow me to return to one of my favourite themes: Europe needs a multi-tiered socio-economic and political superstructure because, as the Brexit proves, one size does not fit all, which … Continue reading On size does not fit all

Reaching out (2)

There is an important blog post in The Spectator by Paul Goodman, editor of ConservativeHome, which I hope Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party of Canada braintrust will take to heart. It is headlined: "How the Conservatives can win back young voters." It's something the Conservative party of Canada must do. In the last election Justin … Continue reading Reaching out (2)

Reaching out

I was so glad to see this picture on social media ... ... and this one, too ... ... because it means that Andrew Scheer is reaching out, past the Conservatives' middle aged and senior citizen, white, male firm base. It reminds us of Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney a few years ago ... showing … Continue reading Reaching out

Head in the sand

The Toronto Star reports, in an article by Lee Berthiaume of the Canadian Press, that "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has thrown cold water on suggestions the Liberal government wants to sign onto continental ballistic missile defence." I understand why missile defence is, still, a toxic policy for many Canadians, as I explained, back about a … Continue reading Head in the sand

More on NAFTA~

So, according to media reports, the US is playing hardball on NAFTA and President Trump suggests (according to CBC News) that, no matter what, "he thinks the U.S. will "end up probably terminating" the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico "at some point" ... [because] ...  "Personally, I don't think we can make … Continue reading More on NAFTA~

Everyman’s Strategic Survey: the threat of political Islam

OK, yet again, as it is day-after-day-after-day, my newsfeed contains a story about another immigrant in another country (Belgium, this time) attacking someone "with a knife shouting Allahu Akbar (God is great), in a case authorities are treating as a terrorist attack." It's not an isolated incident ... it happened, again, in London, too.  It is … Continue reading Everyman’s Strategic Survey: the threat of political Islam