The government is always right

A few things caught my eye last week. First, over on my friend Tony Prudori, whose blog is a “must read” for those who want to be well informed on defence issues, posted the latest senior appointments list which includes another new flag/general officer position ~ a deputy to the vice chief of…… Continue reading The government is always right

The numbers game

A few days ago I said “Many commentators, including some Liberal friendly ones, are noting that the Khadr payoff is being very poorly (even dishonestly) explained … and is not sitting at all well with many, many key Liberal supporters. It all looks a bit “shifty,” and it all ~ all that shiftiness ~ reflects,…… Continue reading The numbers game


I was one of those who read/heard President Donald Trump’s recent speech in Warsaw as being, at least, not bad and, at best, an affirmation of American liberal values. I was, apparently, almost alone. Writing in The Atlantic, David Frum, a Canadian conservative who was a former (Bush (43)) White House speech writer, said  that…… Continue reading Values

Not my first choice, but a good one …

CBC News is reporting that “Former astronaut Julie Payette will be the Queen’s new representative in Canada … [and] … The 53-year-old Montrealer, who speaks six languages, will be named the 29th governor general.” Mlle Payette is an accomplished person, and an inspirational leader and I am sure she will be a first rate Governor General.

Keeping it civil

I was impressed with the rhetoric of some veterans who, in Halifax, expressed their dismay at the fact that Omar Khadr was given a $10.5 Million payoff while, as one articulate veteran put it, many Canadian military vets are “trying to get a new wheelchair, or maybe a specialist to look at their back, or…… Continue reading Keeping it civil

Money and ethnic votes

Remember Jacques Parizeau? He led the “Oui” forces in the oh-so-close 1995 Quebec referendum. He was, in fact, a distinguished French Canadian academic, civil servant, political leader, and very nearly became the first leader of a new, independent Quebec nation-state. It was rather sad, then, back about two years ago when he died, that, as…… Continue reading Money and ethnic votes


Many, many years ago, when I was a young student one rather iconoclastic teacher suggested to us that we needed to reconsider who were the “greatest” British monarchs … it was not, he said, Alfred the Great, nor Henry V nor even ‘Gloriana’ (Elizabeth I). The monarchs who did the most to make England English…… Continue reading Greatness

Fighters (yet again)

In an article in the Globe and Mail, Lieutenant General Mike Hood, the commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force is quoted as saying that “the Liberals are taking “a prudent amount of time,” as choosing Canada’s next fighter is a big decision – especially since it will likely be in use for decades ……… Continue reading Fighters (yet again)

Once again: not outraged … or “If wishes were horses”

I take note of the extreme high dudgeon with which many, many Canadians, especially conservative Canadians and Canadian veterans have greeted the news that Omar Khadr has received $10 Million or more and an official apology from the government. As the linked CBC News article suggests this is old news and was ever since “the…… Continue reading Once again: not outraged … or “If wishes were horses”

OPLANs [operational plans] but no strategy

There is a very useful, insightful article in Foreign Affairs by US Senator Tim Kaine who was Hilary Clinton’s running mate in 2016. Senator Paine is a senior member of the US Senate committees of both defence and foreign affairs. In the article Senator Kaine admits that policy (strategy) in the Obama era, when Ms…… Continue reading OPLANs [operational plans] but no strategy