More on ships: Project Resolve “unveiling”

Screenshot 2017-07-21 06.02.31Yesterday was a big day for Chantier Davie in Quebec. The company invited the public, and, presumably, a gaggle of admirals and officials (but, one suspects, very few Liberal politicians were there), to an “unveiling” of the new supply and refuelling ship (AOR in naval parlance) Asterix. Now I’m (very slightly) familiar with “laying the keel,” “launching” and “commissioning” of ships but a public unveiling is new to me, but then there’s a lot that’s new about Project Resolve ~ including the concept and operating arrangements.

Anyway, the crowds did come, there were some VIPs, and the ship is big and impressive and she will be a welcome and urgent addition to the fleet …

… and it makes one wonder about the status and fate of Vice Admiral Mark Norman, because, as Murray Brewster says in a report on CBC News, saving the Asterix may have cost Admiral Norman his career and reputation (because some Liberals (at the behest of Irving in Halifax?) appeared intent of “reviewing” (AKA cancelling) Project Resolve).

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