New faces

There’s an interesting column by Rick Bell in the Calgary Sun that contrasts Prime sQtNj06UMinister Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer. Mr Scheer says that  “Growing up, his mom was a nurse. His dad worked for justin-mercedes-1160x870a newspaper. These jobs are far from glamorous … [and] … The family didn’t have a car. Scheer took the bus. He laughs … [so, he says] … “You think it’s easy getting a date when you have to tell a girl: Meet me at the bus stop in January and we’ll go to a movie.”” Justin Trudeau sure had a car, a hot car … and a trust fund … and an internationally famous father who rubbed shoulders with the world’s movers and shakers. In short, Andrew Scheer is a lot like fidel-castro-and-pierre-trudeaumany, even most Canadians ~ he’s the sort of guy you might chat with at a Tim Horton’s ~ while Justin Trudeau is a charter member of the 1%, he might not even know how to order a “double double” and some 3601110451_3f583623bd“Tim-bits.” Andrew Scheer exemplifies the solid, middle class, Conservative values of Main Street, of the small towns and suburbs. Justin Trudeau, in contrast, imagesis a creature of privilege, fame and a Westmount mansion, and his party, the Liberal Party of Canada, is in the pay of the big banks, and big business and big labour ~ of Bay Street, not of Main Street.

It has never been so clear that the Conservatives are the party that understands and supports the middle class and new Canadians and working Canadians and families but, somehow, again and again and again, we manage to help the Liberals (and NDP) campaigns to paint us as some combinations of …

… caricatures of RB Bennet, of right wing religious fanatics, of the big money crowd and of angry old white men. And we do it, too often, way more often than we should, to ourselves, too. Too many of us cannot accept that there is, always, more than one “right” side to almost any political issue. Some of us cannot accept that our personal, moral, beliefs are not citizenssuperior to all others. The media is only too willing to report on our foibles and follies … as well they should ~ it’s news, after al, when we skewer ourselves. And then, when we offer a disconnected, angry, unpleasant face to Canada, we ought not be surprised when millions of Canadians who, logically and sensibly, ought to be voting Conservative go out and support other parties that appear more like them.

Conservatives need to show Canadian a new face …

Yes, we, Conservatives, want to be the party of balanced budgets, respect for the rule of law,  a principled foreign policy and a strong military …

… but we also want, and need to be a party that is, honestly and openly, moderate in all things, and yes, even feminist, and sensibly “green,” too, and welcoming of new Canadians and proposing to actually solve First Nations problems, not just offer false promises, having sane, affordable, productive R&D and industrial policies, and be seen to doing all that and more while conserving what is best in Canada …

… and we have a good, solid, leadership team in Parliament …

.. but we also need to empower the grass roots ~ because it is there, not in back rooms in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal, that Party MAC23_CPC_DAY03_PON_HEAP_POST02policies need to be made, and we have, I believe, the very best sort of young people out there who are “connected” to the issues that matter in the 75 to 100 seats that the Conservative Part of Canada needs to take back from the Liberals in 2019. These young people need to be the new face of Canadian Conservatism. We need to disavow the angry old, white men (including the not so angry old white men like me) and make room for new, fresh faces with ~ more importantly ~ fresh ideas that resonate in urban centres, in suburbs and in small town, like Fort McMurray, too. We need to remember who is watching and listening and deciding how to vote … and we need to move millions of voters from Team Trudeau to Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives.

4 thoughts on “New faces

  1. To be fair, you criticize “… caricatures of RB Bennet, of right wing religious fanatics, of the big money crowd and of angry old white men” right after your tag the PM with a caricature of person born into a wealthy family. I don’t think his background (or Scheer’s) is relevant to the conversation. It’s what they do here and now. I’ve never been questioned on my ability to command based on whether my Dad cleaned a building as a janitor or owned the building as the manager.

    1. Fair enough, my friend … except that Justin Trudeau has always been, in greater or lesser (and increasingly lesser as he makes his own mark), “the son of Pierre Trudeau.” Would he have been elected in Papineau had he had any other last name?

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