Ships (yet again) ~ this time Irving’s AOPS progress

There is some progress on ships other than Davie’s Project Resolve.

Irving Shipbuilding is in the process of marrying up the three sections of the soon-to-be HMCS Harry DeWolfe … pictures are from various social media feeds:

I have some (very personal) doubts about the utility of this class as warships and I have expressed the view that we need different fleets in Canada:

  • First, a civil fleet for functions like research, navigation and so on ~ mainly found in the Coast Guard but, possibly, also in other Departments; and
  • Second, two armed fleets –
    • One military, in the Royal Canadian Navy, and
    • The other constabulary.

I my view the Harry DeWolfe class Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships, large as they are, belong in a constabulary fleet which I feel, personally again, ought to be found in revitalized Marine Division of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

That quibble being aired, again, I’m glad to see the progress on these ships but I still wonder how many we will, eventually, get in service … and how much we will pay.

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