Keeping it civil

I was impressed with the rhetoric of some veterans who, in Halifax, expressed their dismay at the fact that Omar Khadr was given a $10.5 Million payoff while, as one articulate veteran put it, many Canadian military vets are “trying to get a new wheelchair, or maybe a specialist to look at their back, or maybe an increase to their prescription because they’re having a hard time dealing with life.” I contrasted that with a headline in a newspaper that screamed “Trudeau should be charged with treason.” Now the author of the latter comment was former US Army sergeant Layne Morris who lost one eye during that firefight in which Khadr admitted that he killed another US soldier and wounded Sergeant Morris. Layne Morrris is entitled to his opinion, and it’s a free country and all that and since I make no bones about saying that President Donald Trump is a semi-literate buffoon, I suppose it falls within the ambit of “fair comment.”

There are plenty of reasons why Canadians should want to toss Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government onto the dung heap of political history, including: chronic dishonesty, financial ineptitude and masses of broken promises.  Conservative monsef-in-crowd-steve-boyton-640x427politicians, honest journalists (and I affirm, yet again, that there are many of them out there) and we, ordinary Canadians, need to remind our fellow citizens that Prime Minister Trudeau and his “team” of young, inexperienced, tokens ~ many selected to meet gender and ethnic status quotas ~ are, still, “just not ready.” But, surely, I hope, we can all make that case in a reasonably civil manner. I think Prime Minsiter Trudeau is probably the worst Canadian PM since his father, who I believe was the worst Canadian PM ever (and, yes, I know who Mackenzie Bowell was), but that doesn’t mean he’s s “dope” or a “traitor.” He has little of what the Brits call “bottom” (a mixture of mature judgement, moral courage, and gravitas and so on) and he has a paper thin resume other than being, I suspect, a genuinely nice young man with an attractive, happy family. He’s neither suited nor qualified to lead Canada and we need to explain, calmly and even politely, why nearly 1,000,000 Canadians who voted Liberal in 2015 ought to abandon them (including Prime Minister Trudeau) and support Conservative, Green and NDP candidates in 2019.

mqdefaultWe have good, solid evidence of Liberal dishonesty, mismanagement and general ineptitude … we don’t need to rant and rave. We, Conservatives, are not and we must not allow ourselves to be painted as a bunch of angry, old, white men … we are bigger and better than that. We are not the party that spits in the face of the media or calls an elected member a traitor just because we disagree with him or her. There are good reasons to vote FOR a Conservative government, or, at least, to not continue to support the Liberals. We should make that case based on fact and principles and solid, common sense, honest proposals for change.




Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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