It’s not just me …

A little more than a year ago I asked if it was just me, or had others detected that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his team seemed”tine deaf,” out of touch wth what really matters to Canadians? Now, as parliament rises for a summer recess, Campbell Clark, writing in the Globe and Mail, asksWhat changed? Nearly every other question at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s end-of-session news conference,” he reports, “came out as some version of that query. It somehow reflected that creeping sense that, while Mr. Trudeau’s government remains relatively popular, it is not quite what was advertised.” It is tempting to say that the Trudeau Liberals have “lost the plot,” but, in truth, I think there never was a “plot.” There was, in 2015, a masterful political campaign ~ the Liberals grew their support by brining out a million or more “new,” mostly young voters and by convincing almost two million NDP voters to switch allegiance. It was a first rate campaign and they earned the victory … but there was no plan; the Liberals made promise after promise after promise but they had no coherent vision of what to do (or how to do it) once they achieved power. It was all, including the gender-balanced cabinet, about style ~ there was no substance.

Campbell Clark goes on to say that “Those news-conference questions were about broken or bent promises. The answers were a mixed bag: Some were understandable, others unanswered, and one was total bull.” Now Mr Clark says that the “total bull,” the lie, was the electoral reform promise, but we can, as he does not, make a case that the bigger lie, and the lie which indicates incompetence, is about 19510217_10155483527769204_5692553494193104754_ndeficits. Prime Minister Trudeau has been quick and consistent in blaming Stephen Harper and the Conservatives for leaving him a deficit. That’s a bald faced lie and his Finance Department knows it and had said so. Now, I’m prepared to believe that Justin Trudeau is, really, just too ignorant to know a deficit from a  surplus ~ he really is totally Morneau_Bill _Lib_TorCentre_Galleryand completely unqualified for any sort of real leadership role ~ but his Finance Minister Bill Morneau does know better … but he remains silent: complicit in the lie. The rest of Campbell Clark’s article is about bent and broken promises ~ especially about foreign and defence policy and operations issues … about which too few Canadians care, anyway. But the whole story says that it’s not just me: Team Trudeau is, quite simply, disconnected from ordinary Canadians and is governing, if that’s the right word, exclusively for the Laurentian Elites.

The plain, simple fact is that, as we, Conservatives, said, in 2015, Justin Trudeau is “just not ready …”


Canadians are, slowly but surely, waking up to that fact … it’s not just me.


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