What is the “post-national state?”

This image, which is a bit unfair, has been around a lot on social media … … Justin Trudeau did say that, of course, in a lengthy (December 2015) article by Guy Lawson in The New York Times Magazine.  It’s down near the very end; Prime Minister Trudeau says, that “he wants Canada to be freeContinue reading “What is the “post-national state?””

Water wars (4)

The most obvious place for water wars to break out is the Middle East which is, already, the home of most of the world’s desalinization plants. Israel is, sill, the world’s leader in the technology and it has the world’s biggest, most effective and cheapest desalinization plants. Other oil rich Middle eastern states have builtContinue reading “Water wars (4)”

Do we really, really want a “second best” fighter?

During the 2015 election campaign Prime Minister Trudeau promised that “We [Canada] will not buy the F-35 stealth fighter-bomber.” Instead he promised to “reduce the procurement budget for replacing the CF-18s” but, then, later, he promised to increase the numbers from 65 to 88. So, more airplanes for less money … but not the F-35Continue reading “Do we really, really want a “second best” fighter?”

2019 (2): Not so easy things

A few days ago I suggested that some potential Conservative political platform planks are “simple” because most Conservatives can agree on the basics. I included fiscal, foreign and defence policies in that list. I specifically said that being “simple’ did not make such policies easy.Take defence policy, just as an example. I’ll bet that an overwhelming majorityContinue reading “2019 (2): Not so easy things”

Producing military officers

I have commented, before, about the need to get the foundation (base) of the military’s leadership pyramid right and I made some suggestions about, especially, the non-commissioned officer ranks and the rank and trade structure. Today, following on from my thoughts (of a few days ago) about military education and training, I want to focusContinue reading “Producing military officers”

Just this once, I agree …

… wholeheartedly with the Toronto Star which says in an editorial headlined “An Ontario court has just affirmed that cultural norms that excuse violence have no place here … [and] … In a welcome ruling the Ontario Court of Appeal has ruled that “cultural differences” cannot be used to justify a lighter sentence in criminal cases.“Continue reading “Just this once, I agree …”

When will they ever learn?

Anyone else remember the 1960s? When Peter, Paul and Mary sang Pete Seeger’s ‘Where have all the flowers gone?‘ Each verse ends with a plaintive plea: “Oh, when will they ever learn?” The same it appears, according to former (1995-2002) Ontario Progressive Conservative Minister of Education and Natural Resources John Snobelen, writing in the TorontoContinue reading “When will they ever learn?”

2019 (1)

So, here were are in the dog days of summer … the Calgary Stampede is over and done, the prime minister made a last minute, short, tightly controlled appearance , but Andrew Scheer seemed to have had more fun, and politicians are, mostly, home, doing some important constituency work, reconnecting with local voters and local issuesContinue reading “2019 (1)”

An intellectual fly in the ointment?

There is an interesting and worrying article by Murray Brewster in CBC News that says that there is a “backroom dispute over intellectual property rights that’s been raging for over a year between ship designers and the Liberal government … [wherein] … Ship designers from France, Britain, Italy and the U.S., among others, are part ofContinue reading “An intellectual fly in the ointment?”

Fixing things … maybe

There’s a report in iPolitics that is headlined “Feds launch new digital service after years of IT failures” and says that “The Trudeau government is investing $25.5 million on a new in-house digital ‘swat team’ to modernize federal services and make them easier for Canadians to use … [and] … The Canadian Digital Service officially got off the ground thisContinue reading “Fixing things … maybe”