Water wars (1)

There’s an interesting article in BBC News entitledWhy hydro-politics will change the 21st century.” It’s certainly not a new idea … in fact the same BBC News discussed it almost 20 years ago and I raised it about four years ago on Army.ca.

CanadaOf course we Canadian have a lunatic fringe ~ that’s you Maude Barlow and your Council of Canadians and you water campaign, too ~ but I suspect that most rational people, which includes many, many Canadians, understand that we need soil, water and sunlight to grow food and that they are not all evenly (or even fairly) distributed ~ not even in water rich North America.

BUNDELKHANDAs the BBC says, wars over water are as old as history and, as our populations grow, countries will need more and more fresh water and, in some (many?) cases neighbours will be unwilling to share.

This is, more or less, just a place-holder because I plan to return to this topic, in more detail, in the coming weeks.


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