Ships, again … another update of Project Resolve

Chantier Davie has provided another video update on Project Resolve


… I have observed a fair amount of media interest in Inocea, Chantier Davie‘s parent company, noting that “Davie is owned by a complex web of companies that can be traced from Canada and the United Kingdom to the tax havens of Monaco and the British Virgin¬†Islands,” and speculating on the financing. I’m guessing that the government-of-the-day is feeding journalists with ideas aimed at making Davie and Project Resolve look a bit murky. I’m not sure if this is being done by Liberals, mainly Atlantic Canadian Liberals operating on behalf of Irving, Davie‘s main competitor, or by senior civil servants whose noses are out of joint because Davie ~ which was, for good reason, excluded from the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy ~ “snuck in” through a “back-door” political move and got Project Resolve approved by the outgoing Harper government.

My sense is that most military people are behind Davie and Project Resolve and it looks like it is going well … sometimes, new, foreign ownership can be helpful.


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