A message for all Canadians

I have gone on, over and over again, about politicians, especially those in the Liberal Party of Canada, selling the sizzle and not providing any steak. Confucius, as usual, said it better:


We need more “superior” men and women on Parliament Hill, in Queen’s park and other provincial legislatures, and in town and city halls, in the White House and the US Congress and in 10 Downing Street and in the Mother of Parliaments, too. Sadly, we too often seem to have too many men and women who understand only what will sell.

It’s not just the Liberals, we Conservatives are too often guilty and so is the NDP, when they have a chance to govern or be in opposition.

There are good, even superior men and women in our parliament but there are, still, too many who appear best suited to be used car salespersons … it’s time we, Canadians, made better choices, especially in a world where we might not be able to rely as completely upon “a shared set of values” as we have in past decades.

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