Good politics, only “so-so” policy

Andrew Scheer has come out against free(er) trade with China ... he's not really against free(er) trade, he says, just against the way Prime Minister Trudeau appears to be approaching it. "There is nothing inherently wrong in trading with China, Scheer said – Canada has done so for years and he expects the two will … Continue reading Good politics, only “so-so” policy

United Liberty

A couple of weeks ago a youngish Progressive Conservative MLA from Alberta named Derek Fildebrandt wrote, in an opinion piece in the National Post, that Maxime Bernier's campaign for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada was "unlike any other for high national office in the modern history of Canada. It was not a … Continue reading United Liberty

Water wars (3)

Back in 2013 I used these two images on to illustrate the water problem in China: They are pretty self explanatory: the one on the left shows water availability and the one on the right shows population density. Not at all surprisingly people live where the water is plentiful. China would dearly love to … Continue reading Water wars (3)

Water Wars (2)

This, briefly, follows on from my placeholder about "hydro-diplomacy" or "water wars." Look at this graphic ... ... it is from the March/April 2015 edition of the MIT Technology Review, from an article about Israel's Sorek desalinization plant which was, two years ago, the largest in the world. "Worldwide," the MIT article says, "some 700 … Continue reading Water Wars (2)

Thank you, Captain Obvious

So, Thomas Mulcair has, according to reports in the Globe and Mail and in CBC News, rather breathlessly told Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the world that “It is not clear exactly how and when this engagement occurred but it seriously calls into question your government’s claim that Canadian Forces are not involved in direct … Continue reading Thank you, Captain Obvious

Water wars (1)

There's an interesting article in BBC News entitled "Why hydro-politics will change the 21st century." It's certainly not a new idea ... in fact the same BBC News discussed it almost 20 years ago and I raised it about four years ago on Of course we Canadian have a lunatic fringe ~ that's you Maude … Continue reading Water wars (1)