Can government be “fixed?”

Well over a year ago I said that we, Canadians, had lost trust in our government ~ not just this, current, Justin Trudeau regime, but government in general: we have lost faith in councillors and mayors, in MLAs and premiers, in MPs, from all parties, and ministers and prime ministers. The problem isn’t Harjit Sajjan’s…… Continue reading Can government be “fixed?”

A broken procurement system

Professor Elinor Sloan of Carleton University, a defence policy scholar and a former serving military officer, has hit the nail on the head in an article in the Globe and Mail. “Allegations by the RCMP that Vice-Admiral Mark Norman divulged cabinet secrets as part of an effort to press the Trudeau government not to abandon…… Continue reading A broken procurement system

Orwell never quite said it, but …

… it is something that Prime Minister Trudeau needs to consider: The closest George Orwell got to say this appears to be an extrapolation,  in a 1993 Washington Times essay by Richard Grenier, of  As George Orwell pointed out, people sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence…… Continue reading Orwell never quite said it, but …

An important thought from GK Chesterton

There is a reason why I  bang on, time and again, about military orgnizations and budgets and, and, and … I want our armed forces to work, correctly, whenever and wherever they are needed. It is not because I love the military, nor, god knows, fighting and killing and dying, but, rather because I love…… Continue reading An important thought from GK Chesterton