A message for Conservatives

As the day when we will have a new leader ~ not the one, perhaps, that you or I wanted, most ~ draws near, it is time to think of something the great American statesman Thomas Jefferson said: We will, under our next leader, still be friends, I hope. Some of us will be disappointed,…… Continue reading A message for Conservatives

Words from the wise

The Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence has released its report entitled “Reinvesting in the Canadian Armed Forces: A Plan for the Future.” The report is available on the Committee’s web site under ‘Associated Links’ at the bottom. The news release make a few interesting points: The Committee’s “recommendation to cancel a government decision…… Continue reading Words from the wise

Support ships, again … Project Resolve update

Here, thanks to a friend on Army.ca, are two pictures from Chantier Davie in Lauzon, QC, showing the main part of the Project Resolve ship’s superstructure (which was fabricated in Finland and shipped to Lauzon) being installed on the hull: Many of my friends who are much better informed than I about ships and shipbuilding…… Continue reading Support ships, again … Project Resolve update

A refreshing dose of reality

Transport Minister Marc Garneau, a retired astronaut and, before that, a senior Navy engineering officer (I believe he was a commander when he last served in the Navy, proper ~ he was promoted to Captain (N) when he was in the Canadian Space Agency, as I recall) has made a refreshing admission (at 3’35” to…… Continue reading A refreshing dose of reality

This always bears repeating

We, Canadians, are, indeed, a “peace loving people.” In fact, in my experience, no one in their right mind likes wars, and I’ve met very, very few people who think that big, expensive armed forces are a “good” thing. But, Mill was right: there are worse things than war and believing that nothing is worth…… Continue reading This always bears repeating

The Conservative challenge

There is an interesting article ~ thanks to my Anglo-Canadian friend Chris Pook for bringing it to my attention ~ in The Telegraph by Charles Moore, a respected British journalist with a publicly well known Conservative bias, which is headlined: “It’s not all about ‘me’, Theresa May, but a great party that keeps renewing itself.”…… Continue reading The Conservative challenge

Decent populism

A few weeks ago I quoted Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte when he talked about the “wrong kind of populism.” Now I see a book review, in The Times about David Goodhart’s new book which is reputed to be a thoughtful, well reasoned and moderate analysis of the populism sweeping Britain, Europe and the world today: The Road to Somewhere: The…… Continue reading Decent populism

South Sudan, anyone?

Alan Hamson, Canada’s Ambassador to South Sudan has gone public, to the CBC, with a plea for Canada to do more to help that poor, fledgling, war torn country. “In February,” the CBC News article says, “the United Nations formally declared famine in parts of the country, calling the conflict-driven crisis in South Sudan, Somalia,…… Continue reading South Sudan, anyone?

Why Donald Trump is a damned fool …

Here, from Visual Capitalist, are just a few of the graphics they use to explain the strength and mutual benefit of the world’s greatest trading relationship: the one between Canada and the USA, and the one which Donald Trump, because he’s a damned fool protectionist, pandering to the fears of the ignorant masses, is trying to…… Continue reading Why Donald Trump is a damned fool …

The architect plans to lower expectations

I mentioned, a couple of days ago, that the Canadian defence procurement system is “broken.” Apparently the Liberal government in Ottawa can see that, too. So, will it try to take some measures to fix it? No, say Daniel Leblanc and Steven Chase in an article in the Globe and Mail, instead, they report “Defence Minister…… Continue reading The architect plans to lower expectations