The indirect approach

I said before that one of my military heroes was a man, B.H. Liddell-Hart, who didn’t do much fighting but did a lot of reading, thinking and writing, including writing about the indirect approach. I don’t think Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is much of a reader, especially not about strategy, but he would do well…… Continue reading The indirect approach

Reuniting the right in Alberta … and staying out of the dark, smoke filled back rooms

Some years ago the long governing, some would say tired Progressive Conservatives in Alberta were shattered when many members defected to the Alberta Alliance Party and the then (in 2008) unregistered Wildrose Party of Alberta. When Danielle Smith took over the new party she led them, almost, to the brink of power. But, as the late,…… Continue reading Reuniting the right in Alberta … and staying out of the dark, smoke filled back rooms

The NDP and the bell curve

The other day I quoted the Globe and Mail’s Adam Radwanski who wrote, a few days earlier: “Far more voters move between the Liberals and New Democrats than between either of those parties and the Tories, who have the most loyal backers and the most people unwilling to vote for them.” Just look at these…… Continue reading The NDP and the bell curve

Trudeau dithers on peacekeeping

The Globe and Mail, a newspaper which did not endorse Prime Minister Trudeau but which has treated him, generally, favourably, has come out, in an editorial, very sensibly, against Canada joining any UN peacekeeping mission in Mali. “Political party election platforms are not a good place to formulate foreign policy,” the Globe and Mail says…… Continue reading Trudeau dithers on peacekeeping

Who is Jagmeet Singh and why does he matter?

I’ll be honest: I’ve hardly noticed Jagmeet Singh in the last year or two but I think I might want to pay attention now … … the young, hip, stylish former criminal defence lawyer and now deputy leader of the Ontario New Democrats may be, in the words of the Globe and Mail’s Adam Radwanski,…… Continue reading Who is Jagmeet Singh and why does he matter?

End of an era?

The liberal era (the small l is important) arguably began, in earnest, in about 1860, while Lord Palmerston (who began his political career as a Tory then became a Whig (about 1830) and became the first leader of the British Liberal Party in 1859) was prime minister of Great Britain and the year that Abraham…… Continue reading End of an era?

Ave atque vale (Hail and farewell)

What a classy lady! In fact what a fine person … The mainstream media confirms the rumours that the Hon Rona Ambrose will leave politics and “will resign her seat in the House of Commons after the spring sitting of Parliament ends in June.” It has been announced that she will join the Wilson Center…… Continue reading Ave atque vale (Hail and farewell)

Ding-dong Donald Trump

It’s no secret, I think, that I believe US President Donald Trump is a semi-literate buffoon. In selecting him to be their president, tens of millions of Americans took counsel of their fears (and prejudices) rather than their interests and, I think, shot themselves in the proverbial foot. I do not believe that Hillary Clinton…… Continue reading Ding-dong Donald Trump

Defence, again ~ Senate reports, 2% and capabilities

Tony Battista, the CEO of the Conference of Defence Associations, a pro-defence lobby group and Charles Davies, who is a fellow with the CDA Institute, have written an article in the Toronto Sun that deals with two Senate reports about which I have commented: Military Underfunded: The Walk Must Match the Talk; and Reinvesting in…… Continue reading Defence, again ~ Senate reports, 2% and capabilities

China adjusts its course

Singapore’s Channel News Asia reports that China seems to be adjusting its course in the face of stiff trade and investment head winds. It’s not changing course ~ the course remains the same: to invest in resources and industries that China needs ~ rather, China is tacking, as the sailors say, into the stiffening winds. “Struggling…… Continue reading China adjusts its course