Ave atque vale (Hail and farewell)

What a classy lady! In fact what a fine person …

15800411_10154341982098525_8219604508050442225_o (1)The mainstream media confirms the rumours that the Hon Rona Ambrose will leave politics and “will resign her seat in the House of Commons after the spring sitting of Parliament ends in June.” It has been announced that she will join the Wilson Center in Washington DC where “will serve as a visiting fellow at the non-partisan think tank’s Canada Institute, focusing on bilateral trade with the U.S., according to a Wilson Center statement obtained by Bloomberg. She will lead the institute’s “efforts to convene U.S. and Canadian officials to explore the benefits of an integrated and competitive North American economy that is focused on job creation and prosperity.”

All Canadian owe her a vote of thanks, especially we Conservative Canadians … she’s been a stalwart member and a fine leader …

… the best Prime Minister we never had.

One thought on “Ave atque vale (Hail and farewell)”

  1. Absolutely! I was sorry she took the interim post and so disqualified herself as eventual leader. I gather her decision was based in part on family circumstances. At present, the Canadian politicians I admire most right now are all women.

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