Support ships, again … Project Resolve update

Here, thanks to a friend on, are two pictures from Chantier Davie in Lauzon, QC, showing the main part of the Project Resolve ship’s superstructure (which was fabricated in Finland and shipped to Lauzon) being installed on the hull:

Many of my friends who are much better informed than I about ships and shipbuilding regard Project Resolve as a real success, even before the ship enters service. Davie made an “end-run” around the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy and, I suspect, there are still several long, important noses out of joint because Project Resolve isn’t being done according to the established, time honoured bureaucratic processes ~ nor could it be derailed by equally well established and time-honoured political manoeuvring.

In any event it looks like Canada will, soon, be less embarrassed by having to rent supply/support ships from Spain and Chile because we could not manage to build our own before the existing ships died of old age.

3 thoughts on “Support ships, again … Project Resolve update”

  1. “…nor could it be derailed by equally well-established and time-honoured manoeuvring…”. Indeed, but not for want of trying, as we are learning.
    The superstructure shots are very impressive. I know it’s common to farm out components to subcontractors with the requisite resources and expertise, but I’m still tempted to ask if Davie – or Canada – couldn’t have built that complex component, presumably with sophisticated components, here. The NSPS seems to be largely about keeping the metal-bashing at home and sourcing the hi-tech stuff overseas.

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