A refreshing dose of reality

medium_garneau_m_0_0Transport Minister Marc Garneau, a retired astronaut and, before that, a senior Navy engineering officer (I believe he was a commander when he last served in the Navy, proper ~ he was promoted to Captain (N) when he was in the Canadian Space Agency, as I recall) has made a refreshing admission (at 3’35” to 4’23” in the video embedded in this Global News story) that “we have not properly assessed the real costs,” “Canadians need to recognize thatit is going to cost money,” and “in the past 10 years, and prior to that, in previous governments we have not put the proper resources into our armed forces.”

It’s refreshing but not entirely surprising: Minister Garneau is an economically responsible, moderate Liberal ~ not exactly a Manley Liberal but a bit out of place in the big spending, green, feminist, sunny ways dream world of the Trudeau cabinet.

But I’m not holding out a lot of hope … my is that some new funding and spending will be announced ~ mostly to try to offset the “Trump effect” and to try to help to save NAFTA. My guesses (and that’s all they are ~ maybe their more hope than even guess) are that we might join continental missile defence, emphasize NORAD, a bit, add some money to the shipbuilding projects and, maybe, boost the deployment to Latvia instead of trying to do useless, pointless UN led peacekeeping in Africa.

This is just one part of the government’s latest damage control exercise but, at least, it gives one of the few “grownups” in the Trudeau government a chance to shine in public.

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