Decent populism

A few weeks ago I quoted Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte when he talked about the “wrong kind of populism.” Now I see a book review, in The Times about David Goodhart’s new book which is reputed to be a thoughtful, well reasoned and moderate analysis of the populism sweeping Britain, Europe and the world today: The Road to Somewhere: The Populist Revolt and the Future of Politics. (Caveat lector: the book will not be available in North America until the summer … I’ll have to wait until then to read it for myself.)

What drew my attention to it was a tweet that featured a page with a seminal thought:

Screenshot 2017-05-04 17.04.18

“Decent populism” is what I hope we are seeing in parts of the ongoing Conservative Party of Canada leadership campaign; it is what I think we may have seen in the recent Dutch general election; it is what I hope we will see in the forthcoming UK election. There doesn’t have to be a disconnect between the popular will and reason or common decency or traditional, classical liberalism. “Decent populism” is what I think motivated Canadians as diverse as Louis St Laurent, John Diefenbaker, Lester Pearson, Paul Martin and Stephen Harper …

… and I suspect it motivates a new generation of up And coming Conservatives, national and provincial, too:

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