Why Donald Trump is a damned fool …

Here, from Visual Capitalist, are just a few of the graphics they use to explain the strength and mutual benefit of the world’s greatest trading relationship: the one between Canada and the USA, and the one which Donald Trump, because he’s a damned fool protectionist, pandering to the fears of the ignorant masses, is trying to disrupt:

I know that some Canadian conservatives are big fans of President Trump, because he pushed back against the progressive, feminist, green, mealy mouthed, and weak Democratic Party agenda ~ he did that, but for all the wrong reasons …

The last temptation is the greatest.png

… Donald Trump is, in my opinion, a foolish and shallow man (I doubt he’s read ‘Murder in the Cathedral, in fact I’d be surprised if he knew who T.S. Eliot was), but he is the fairly elected leader of our best friend and greatest trading partner and he might presage politic for many years to come ~ self serving, self destructive, beggar-they-neighbour, protectionist, nationalistic and dangerous to peace and prosperity. He is a skilled “wheeler dealer” but that is hardly the stuff of which real leaders are made.

4 thoughts on “Why Donald Trump is a damned fool …

  1. But his view of Canada is we can’t fight back, the perfect target. Trump is a bully, so we have a choice start to look after ourselves or become even more of a colony, it is really simple, the yanks respect strength, trump respects strength.

    1. Indeed, Bill, we do seem inclined to want to go “from colony to nation,” as Arthur Lower put it, and then back to colony again, don’t we? It seems that being a British colony in the 19th century was bad but being an American colony in the 21st century is OK …

      1. For some, not me, after seeing how the USAF compared to us ( at least some of their Squadrons ) I’d rather fly the unfriendly skies with the RCAF. Better chance at getting back.

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