The yellow brick road

Two columns by (moderately conservative) columnist John Ibbitson in the Globe and Mail bear consideration: First, he says, a column headlined “In Andrew Scheer, Conservatives elect Stephen Harper 2.0 – with a smile” that Conservative ~ in surprisingly large numbers ~ made the smart and safe choice. “Conservative voters,” he says, “concluded, by the narrowestContinue reading “The yellow brick road”

Is this, now, all we can contribute?

This picture is all over the internet … … it was taken a few days ago at NATO Headquarters where most people came to discuss Putin’s threats to European peace and security; President Trump’s demands for more burden sharing; Da’esh/ISIL/ISIS attacks on NATO members … that sort of thing. But all that Prime Minister TrudeauContinue reading “Is this, now, all we can contribute?”

Ships, again … a bit more on Project Resolve

Thanks to our friend Colin on, here are three pictures of the Asterix ~ the fleet support ship being built by Davie in Quebec and, reportedly, the cause of Vice Admiral Norman’s woes … they show the stern, the bridge and a cabin: The first two show the ship under construction and we canContinue reading “Ships, again … a bit more on Project Resolve”

Let the demonization continue

The campaign by the Laurentian Elites to demonize Conservatives, in general, and Stephen Harper in particular, continues with a report by federal Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson that finds that Nigel Wright “broke two sections of the Conflict of Interest Act when he personally gave Duffy $90,000 to repay the Senate for questionable living expense claims … [because]Continue reading “Let the demonization continue”

Closing a loophole in Canada’s election laws

The Globe and Mail, in a timely and wise editorial, suggests that our election system has a major loophole that needs to be closed. The Globe‘s editorial board explains that “Conservative MP Michael Cooper, the party’s deputy justice critic, has sent a letter to Yves Côté, the commissioner of Canada Elections, asking him to investigateContinue reading “Closing a loophole in Canada’s election laws”

Potemkin Village (3)

My friend Tony Prudori, who is a reliable source of news about all things military, has posted (on the ORBAT (order of battle) of the Canadian led battle group that will deploy in Latvia: “According to*,” he reports,  “the Canadian-led battalion level battle group will be composed of about 1,138 soldiers, as wellContinue reading “Potemkin Village (3)”

Multiculturalism, again

There’s an interesting opinion piece, misfiled in the local news section of the Kingston Whig Standard about “Citizenship in a multicultural age.” I emphasize opinion and misfiled because the author, columnist Geoffrey Johnston says things like “Let us be clear: there is no place for anti-Muslim bigotry, discrimination or persecution in Canada. Freedom of religion isContinue reading “Multiculturalism, again”

A thought after Victoria Day

I hope everyone in Canada had a nice Victoria Day week-end … but it’s a bit of an anachronism, isn’t it? How many of us, I wonder,  can actually tell anyone else much of anything about Queen Victoria or why we still celebrate her birthday? Or, for that matter, who can tell us much aboutContinue reading “A thought after Victoria Day”

Doing the wrong thing for the right reason

Following on from  yesterday’s comments about needing an indirect approach to trade negotiations, I noted a recent report in the Globe and Mail that talked about a “developing pattern” of “pretty aggressive” responses to US trade actions. The Globe‘s article deals in considerable detail with the proposal to buy the US Super Hornet fighter jets.Continue reading “Doing the wrong thing for the right reason”