Is United Airlines a symptom?

This image is, of course, all over the internet …


an Asian man, apparently a doctor who needed to be in another city, was (involuntarily) “chosen” to be “re-accommodated” ~ I think that’s how United Airlines’ CEO tried to explain it ~ in order to make room on an (intentionally) overbooked flight for some United employees.

What were they thinking?

Was anyone thinking?

According to what I’ve read United knew its flight was overbooked but it boarded passengers anyway ~ gross stupidity. It had offered some small financial compensation, but, I think, $400 and $800 ~ why not more, basic good business sense says that there is a price for everything. What made United think that $800 was the “top” price? Did someone really think that ordering passengers who were seated off the plane made good business sense?

But it’s worse, I think. I suspect it is a symptom of a whole lot of things that have gone wrong in America, especially, and throughout the US led West. United reminds me, in a way, of our own, Canadian, Laurentian Elites, and their friends in the some media outlets, who believe that their narrowly focused view of things must always prevail, despite the will of many, even most Canadians.

United, it is reported, chose to forcible and involuntarily “re-accommodate” a paid passenger so as to accommodate their own employees. Is there only one flight per day between Chicago and Louisville? Does no other airline fly that route? It is only about 300 miles, a half day’s drive from Chicago to Louisville … a limo would have done the job. But, apparently, none of those things mattered to United‘s management ~ they needed their people in Louisville and so paying passengers would have to make room … madness.

It was, in my opinion, a management disaster ~ if United‘s CEO doesn’t resign then he has neither a brain nor a heart. And the United board should set about cleaning their executive suite and replacing some of their executives with real, sane, sensible business people.

But United‘s management, or our Laurentian Elites or the Liberal Party of Canada, or, or, or someone else must, always, know better than ordinary folks, mustn’t they? And then, it appears, they must “double down,” especially when they are demonstrably wrong, before “manning up” and admitting their mistakes, as Oscar Munoz has, finally, done.


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