Still tone deaf

I said, many months ago, that I thought the Trudeau Liberals were a bit “tone deaf,” by which I meant unable to actually understand the concerns of we “ordinary Canadians,” as the NDP always called us.

I still think that, especially with respect to the cash infusion for Bombardier. I am pretty certain that Prime Minister Harper wanted to send taxpayer’s money to Bombardier;* many, many political professionals think it, Bombardier, is a sacred cow that must be fed, watered and venerated. But I am equally sure that his closest bureaucratic and political advisors cautioned against it unless or until Bombardier¬†changed its corporate management structure.

Graeme MacKay, drawing in the Hamilton Spectator (about a week ago), seems to me to understand what most of us “ordinary Canadians” ~ those not in the Laurentian Elites ~ really think happened …


… it looks an awful lot like out of touch, tone deaf Liberals paying off their friends in Quebec, almost at the same time as one had to wonder if Vice Admiral Norman was scapegoated for defying a Liberal attempt to use the defence procurement budget to pay off Liberal supporters in Atlantic Canada.


* Edited to add: and the Conservatives did feed the sacred cow ($350 million) in 2008.

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