Good policy

A CTV News report says that “Former Progressive Conservative prime minister Brian mulroney_brian_luncheonMulroney will have a seat at the table at an upcoming Liberal cabinet meeting to discuss the North American Free Trade Agreement, the pivotal deal he helped negotiate more than 20 years ago that now faces an uncertain future … [and] … CTV News has learned that Mulroney accepted an invitation to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Canada-U.S. cabinet committee for the important meeting Thursday morning.

This is good politics for Prime Minister Mulroney ~ his reputation is still tarnished by the whiff of scandal and he needs to be seen as a “helpful fixer” if he can be.

But, more important, it is good policy on the part of Prime Minister Trudeau and his team. Brian Mulroney knows some of the key players in Washington, and friendships, even just acquaintanceships, can matter a lot. The Canadian Liberals have few, if any “bridges” into Republican Washington, they are closely tied to and identified with the Democrats, the “outs.” Mr Mulroney has deep and close ties to many Republicans and to many business leaders ~ his insights should be useful.

All-in-all a policy BZ (well done) to Team Trudeau.

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