How to destroy the Conservative Party

Robin Sears, a long time NDP strategist, has penned an interesting article in the Toronto Star. In it he says that “So, for Canada, here is the good news. If enough Conservatives have taken sufficient leave of their senses as to choose O’Leary as their new leader, they will have hired an entertaining opposition comedian, with no prospect of ever being asked to govern. It may, however, mean the end of the Conservative Party of Canada as a united political force.

That is, I think, a fair an accurate assessment of what Kevin O’Leary would mean for politics in Canada. I simply cannot imagine that some Conservatives, including me, could remain with a party that chose Mr O’Leary to lead it. I, and others, might lean towards an existing party: the Libertarian Party of Canada, or I might follow some other Conservatives into a totally new party. But I suspect that many of us, including many elected MPs, would find it impossible to support a party that seems to share Mr O’Leary’s values.

To whom would I be listening? Who would I follow?

These people, and a few others, in no particular order …

… are Conservatives that I, and I think many Canadians, can trust and will follow. But even if they all found a way to “adapt” to an O’Leary led party and to stick with it I would, I am 99% certain, at the very least, withdraw my financial support.

3 thoughts on “How to destroy the Conservative Party”

    1. I’m against ~ strongly against ~ the sort if rubbish Kevin O’Leary was propagating. He, I suspect, is, really, an old fashioned Pierre Trudeau Liberal who simply dislikes some of Justin Trudeau’s policies. I provided a “rogues’ gallery” of a baker’s dozen of real conservatives … fortunately the party chose one of them to lead it. Kevin O’Leary was a dime store American pseudo-celebrity … does that answer your question?

      1. O’Leary isn’t a Conservative. I support Alex Jones and Savage. They actually continue and take part of the Conservative movement. Not Hannity, Larry King or any of that kinda.

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