A couple of things

A couple of things caught my eye in recent editions of the Globe and Mail:

  • An editorial, which is similar in tone to one in the Toronto Star, but goes farther and suggests that, given the Trudeau regime’s evident unwillingness to do much of anything for the Canadian Armed Forces it will be best advised to abandon its silly, sunny ways plans to do UN peacekeeping in Africa and, instead, devote the limited resources it is willing to make available to NATO missions that might, actually, prevent Russian opportunistic adventurism; and
  • An article by retired colonel and regular commentator George Petrolekas who outlines , in some detail, what he calls the “Canada’s peacekeeping conundrum.”

It is not, not even remotely, that Canada lacks the means to do, militarily, whatever any government actually wants to do; the problem is that Prime Minister Trudeau’s government doesn’t want to do anything except make rash campaign promises and then dither. Canada is a rich, relatively large, capable nation: we could, if the government wished, send thousands and thousands of soldiers to both NATO deterrence and to UN combat missions, simultaneously … it would require only two things:

  1. A lot of military staff effort; and
  2. An awful lot more money.

In my opinion the defence staff is so badly organized ~ too many too senior officers in too many HQs doing bureaucratic busy work ~ that it would find it hard to use more resources even if a government made them available … but the country has the means and ways can be found, with a bit of good staff work in one or two HQs.

But this is a government with a green, feminist and sunny ways agenda and the Canadian Armed Forces are a bit of an embarrassment to it.

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