Another failed budget

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau prove, yet again, that Canada's Liberal government is, in reality, a good, maybe even very good election campaign team but a failure at the hard work of governing. The budget is long on rhetoric ~ it mentions "innovation" over 200 times! ~ but short on actions … Continue reading Another failed budget

Principles, Refugees, Responsibility and Will

Almost a year ago I wrote about what I see as the real challenge in the refugee policy domain: preventing people from having to flee their homes in fear, rather than figuring how where and how to settle them after they have fled. My answer, as you might expect, involved having a principled foreign policy, … Continue reading Principles, Refugees, Responsibility and Will

The Arctic, again

The Sputnik news agency, which is a Russian, state controlled internet and broadcast news agency that has been accused, by NATO, "of being part of a “Kremlin propaganda machine” distributing biased articles and “misinformation” to influence political opinion around the world," has published an article about renewed Russian submarine operations in the Arctic. "Russian combat … Continue reading The Arctic, again

President Pence?

The media is chock a block full of reports that suggest that FBI Director James Comey's ongoing investigation into President Trump's connections (if any) to the Kremlin's apparently obvious attempt to influence the 2016 US election, may be more serious than even the problematic Emoluments Clause of the US Constitution. There is rampant speculation that … Continue reading President Pence?

Leadership (3)

Andrew MacDougall, who was director of communications for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has written a pretty scathing attack on both Kellie Leitch and Kevin O'Leary in the Ottawa Citizen. "Months into this race," he asks, "is there for anyone to be excited about?" No, he says, after describing Dr Leitch as "mendacious" and suggests that people … Continue reading Leadership (3)

How the CPC might lose the next election … and the election after that

There is a useful video by John Ibbitson on the Globe and Mail website that I hope every Conservative Party member will watch and consider before (s)he votes for the next leader. I ask all Conservatives to consider two things: First, Mr Ibbitson says, correctly, in my opinion, that Kevin O'Leary is just a tourist, just visiting … Continue reading How the CPC might lose the next election … and the election after that

Border security (7)

A couple of weeks ago I suggested that we should close a loophole in out border security/refugee determination system by ending the Safe Third Country Agreement (SCTA) because, it seemed to me, and others, that it was actually encouraging would-be refugees to cross the Canada/USA border illegally in order to circumvent our laws. Now, in … Continue reading Border security (7)