President Pence?

The media is chock a block full of reports that suggest that FBI Director James Comey’s ongoing investigation into President Trump’s connections (if any) to the Kremlin’s apparently obvious attempt to influence the 2016 US election, may be more serious than even the problematic Emoluments Clause of the US Constitution. There is rampant speculation that…… Continue reading President Pence?

Leadership (3)

Andrew MacDougall, who was director of communications for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has written a pretty scathing attack on both Kellie Leitch and Kevin O’Leary in the Ottawa Citizen. “Months into this race,” he asks, “is there for anyone to be excited about?” No, he says, after describing Dr Leitch as “mendacious” and suggests that people…… Continue reading Leadership (3)

How the CPC might lose the next election … and the election after that

There is a useful video by John Ibbitson on the Globe and Mail website that I hope every Conservative Party member will watch and consider before (s)he votes for the next leader. I ask all Conservatives to consider two things: First, Mr Ibbitson says, correctly, in my opinion, that Kevin O’Leary is just a tourist, just visiting…… Continue reading How the CPC might lose the next election … and the election after that

Border security (7)

A couple of weeks ago I suggested that we should close a loophole in out border security/refugee determination system by ending the Safe Third Country Agreement (SCTA) because, it seemed to me, and others, that it was actually encouraging would-be refugees to cross the Canada/USA border illegally in order to circumvent our laws. Now, in…… Continue reading Border security (7)


A couple of weeks ago US President Donald Trump accused former US President Barack Obama of tapping his phones during the 2016 election campaign. That sort of blew over until, according to a report in the Mirror, very recently when “Donald Trump’s spokesman has sensationally suggested British spies may have colluded with Barack Obama to covertly surveil…… Continue reading Nonsense

Another thought on defence

I have written a lot on defence, some technical, some strategic, some practical, some, even, a little bit passionate, but I always keep in mind one thing (which is about the Army but applies, equally to “They that go down to the sea in ships” and to those who “have slipped the surly bonds of…… Continue reading Another thought on defence

Time’s almost up

There’s a report in the National Post that says that “A report to Congress by the U.S. Department of Defense appears to call for American ships to challenge Canadian claims in the Arctic … [it says that] … The Department of Defense “will preserve the global mobility of U.S. military and civilian vessels and aircraft…… Continue reading Time’s almost up

That 800 pound gorilla, again

Take a look at this graphic: … nearly 40¢ of every dollar spent in Ontario in 2016/17 is for health care. The other 61.2¢ must cover everything else: roads, the environment, the OPP, salaries, interest on the debt and education. William Charnetski, who, in 2015, was appointed to be the province’s new Chief Health Innovation…… Continue reading That 800 pound gorilla, again

Moderation wins

We, Canadian Conservatives, should all be congratulating fellow conservative Mark Rutte, whose People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) handily won the plurality of seats in the Netherlands parliament (31± seats, out of 150, according to exit polls) while Geert Wilders’ populist, anti-Islam Party for Freedom (PVV) was held to a (still very respectable) 19±…… Continue reading Moderation wins

We need to remember this …

We, Conservatives, need to have a political (policy-platform) grand strategy before we engage in developing tactics that will help us to unseat the Liberals. Out strategy must deal with everything from agriculture and border security through consumer protection, defence policy, energy, fiscal policy, greenhouse gas emissions … well, you get the picture: right through to and…… Continue reading We need to remember this …