President Pence?

The media is chock a block full of reports that suggest that FBI Director James Comey’s ongoing investigation into President Trump’s connections (if any) to the Kremlin’s apparently obvious attempt to influence the 2016 US election, may be more serious than even the problematic Emoluments Clause of the US Constitution. There is rampant speculation that this could be the issue that leads to impeachment and either President Trump’s ignominious resignation or dismissal from office in disgrace.

Mike_Pence_official_portraitI suspect that many, Many, MANY Americans, including many Republican legislators are just hoping that some charge will stick and that President Trump can be forced to retire before he is thrown out of office. But who is Mike Pence? Would be be an improvement on President Trump? My readings say he would be the most socially conservative president in modern US history; he is a hero to the religious right in the USA and their standard bearer on many issues. Those same readings also suggest that even the most socially liberal commentators think that he would be an improvement.

It appears that President Trump is heading for some very, very troubled legal and political waters and an increasing number of Americans, including many who supported him over Hillary Clinton, are, now, having severe cases of “buyer’s remorse.” Should we all get used to saying President Pence?

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