Also worth remembering

With thanks, yet again, to my friend The Regimental Rogue:


This was very much on my mind while I made my own choice ~ a man of good character ~ for Conservative Party leader and it remains there as I watch the CPC leadership race, trying to make my 2nd and 3rd choices.

I think our, Conservative Party, must be moderate (I’ve probably beaten that drum to death, and I will continue to do so) and, consequentially, it must become a big tent party that welcomes everyone who shares our core values. It can only be that, we Conservatives can only be moderate, I think, if we value good character, above all, and then try our best to be, leader, elected members and Party members alike, men and women of good character.

I sincerely hope that, during this leadership campaign, none of the contenders looses their own good character by trying to appeal to our base instincts and our tendency towards celebrity worship.

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