It’s all my fault

It’s all my fault! And it’s your fault, too, Andrew Coyne explains in a column in the National Post. But, it’s not Justin Trudeau’s fault, because, as Mr Coyne tells us, tongue in cheek: “The Liberals promised something they had no intention of ever delivering. The fault is yours, for not making it possible for…… Continue reading It’s all my fault


Several months ago I commented, a couple of times, on an idea by Dr Andrew Lilico called CANZUK. I was, and remain, cautiously supportive because I think there is considerable merit in the notion, but I stressed the need for both some caution ~ limited, achievable aims, and informality ~ we don’t need another formal…… Continue reading CANZUK (3)

Exactly right (3)

Marie Henein, a renowned lawyer and senior partner with Henein Hutchison who achieved some fame (or infamy) for her vigorous and successful, albeit somewhat controversial defence of Jian Ghomeshi, has taken aim at both President Trump and CPC leadership candidate Kellie Leitch in an opinion Piece in the Globe and Mail. “Acting on facts serves us…… Continue reading Exactly right (3)

The foundation

My good friend The Regimental Rogue posted something from a 75+ year old British training manual that is important for all leaders ~ political, military, business, labour, institutional and social ~ to understand … It It is, in other words, the actions of the many, especially the “junior leaders,” rather than the thoughts and plans…… Continue reading The foundation

Assessing the risks

Chris Hall, of CBC News, reports that “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is preparing to meet as early as this week with U.S. President Donald Trump, a visit intended to underscore the deep economic and security ties between the two countries … But it also carries substantial political risk.” Meanwhile, Susan Delacourt, writing in iPolitics, confirms that…… Continue reading Assessing the risks

Exactly right (2)

Andrew Coyne, writing in the National Post, is right on target when he says “It began just minutes after the first reports surfaced online. Though the killings had taken place at a Quebec City mosque, though the victims had all been Muslim, nevertheless it was asserted, with all the authority that anonymity confers, that the…… Continue reading Exactly right (2)

Border security (2)

A few days ago I wrote that “We share a continent with the United States and the free flow of goods, services and people across our shared border is a matter of vital importance to Canada … [and] … This is not, primarily, a security issues, although I suspect that security  service officials suspect that…… Continue reading Border security (2)