It’s all my fault

It’s all my fault! And it’s your fault, too, Andrew Coyne explains in a column in the National Post. But, it’s not Justin Trudeau’s fault, because, as Mr Coyne tells us, tongue in cheek:

  • The Liberals promised something they had no intention of ever delivering. The fault is yours, for not making it possible for them to deliver it. When the Liberal platform said the 2015 election would be “the last federal election conducted under the first-past-the-post voting system,” when the Liberal leader repeated this vow 10, 20, 100 times since, you did not, as you should have done, attach a giant asterisk that read: “Assuming we don’t change our mind.”  You took them at their word;”
  • The government wasted “seven months before even launching the committee on electoral reform, leaving it with an impossibly short time-frame to report. Neither can the Liberals be held to account, when the committee reported back, on deadline, with a recommendation that a proposal for proportional representation be put to the people in a referendum, for dismissing its findings with a claim that they had failed to furnish the government with a specific model of reform: more specific, that is, than that it should be proportional;” and
  • It wasn’t “the Liberals who put a rookie minister with no judgment, ability or interpersonal skills in charge of the file, or who cooked up a biased and insultingly off-topic online survey with which to muddy the committee’s findings. Or rather it was, but they are not to be blamed for the delay, confusion and general sense of drift surrounding the file. Rather, it was you. You are to blame. Or, more precisely, you are being blamed.

michaeldeadderNo siree, it wasn’t Justin Trudeau’s fault, but then, according to the Team Trudeau narrative, Justin must be without fault, mustn’t he? He cannot make mistakes download… everything that goes wrong must be the fault of someone else. That is why Maryam Monsef is still in cabinet, isn’t it? If she had been fired for being ineffectual, as would likely have happened in most other cabinets, then it might suggest that Justin Trudeau had been less than perfect in selecting his gender balanced team full of token minorities, and handicapped people, and so on. But Justin must be perfect … or else we might question some  other things, too.

But, as Andrew Coyne concludes: if “you are still, even at this late date, investing some literal meaning in the prime minister’s words, as if what he said and what he intended bore any relationship to each other. But if there is anything that you should have learned by now, after the two deficits of $10 billion that turned into 40 years of deficits as high as $30 billion — and the non-combat mission against ISIS that turned into troops on the ground firing and being fired upon; and the open competition to replace the F-35 that turned into another sole source contract; and the Saudi arms deal and the “revenue neutral” tax cut and all the rest  — that you have no business believing a word that comes out of this prime minister’s mouth; that the most solemn promises, however unequivocal and however often repeated, are to him and the people around him mere bait for the gullible; and that if you ever believe anything they tell you ever again, on any matter large or small, if you ever trust them to keep their word from this day forward, then you deserve everything you have coming to you … [because] …  It is not their fault for lying to you. It is your fault for believing them.

Now, in fairness to me, I never believed a word that Justin Trudeau uttered on the campaign trail or in government because I knew then and know now that he is an ineffectual, less than really bright, political lightweight who is unfit to be a village council member, much less the leader of the government of G7 nation … but you, if you are part of the 40% (of the 70% who bothered to vote) who voted for Justin Trudeau: you have a lot to answer for because you were either wilfully blind or not paying attention.

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