The Anglosphere (2) ~ Nostalgic Nationalism

Edoardo Campanella and Marta Dassù, two Italians associated with the Aspen Institute, writing in Foreign Affairs, suggest that “nostalgic nationalism,” which is how some people describe most notions about the Anglosphere, including CANZUK, can succeed, might even prosper, and could be good for global peace and stability because “there is room for new forms ofContinue reading “The Anglosphere (2) ~ Nostalgic Nationalism”

The defence budget dilemma

A member at, who self identifies as an officer in the Medical Branch, said, in a discussion about the defence budget woes: “If neither the defence budget nor the number of CAF personnel increase, it is indeed a zero sum game. More personnel for cyber and SOF would require a reduction from some otherContinue reading “The defence budget dilemma”

More on border security

Konrad Yakabuski, writing, a few days ago, in the Globe and Mail, took aim at the ample girth of Montreals’ hypocritical mayor (and Trump like populist) Denis Coderre for joining the nonsensical and counterproductive parade of silly cities that, in their own form of juvenile hissy fit against President Trump’s election, in a foreign country,Continue reading “More on border security”

The Dignity Deficit

There is an interesting, thought provoking and slightly scary article, by Arthur C Brooks in Foreign Affairs entitled “The Dignity Deficit.“ Warning: Dr Brooks is president of the conservative American Enterprise Institute, so he writes with a point of view, but what he writes should make us all, even the most progressive, think a bitContinue reading “The Dignity Deficit”

Making a wrong choice

As I have often mentioned, one of the primary aims of Team Trudeau seems to be to continuously rewrite history so that nothing Justin Trudeau might have ever said can be seen to be anything but “right.” Nowhere is this more evident than in the CF-18 replacement fiasco. He said … … now anyone withContinue reading “Making a wrong choice”

A bigger Chinese threat to peace

A couple of days ago I commented on the potential for  Sino-American conflict in the South China Seas to flare up into real combat. It is a potential, but, I think, an improbable threat to peace … cooler heads, on both sides, will prevail, I believe, and stop any escalations (which are likely) well short of war.Continue reading “A bigger Chinese threat to peace”

Making a right choice (2)

So, despite apparently having “lost” his first choice, because Vice Admiral (retired) Robert Harward could not reconcile his innate sense of duty with his distaste for the current, Trump, White House, President Trump appears, according to an article in the Globe and Mail, to have made a good choice in “Lieutenant General Herbert Raymond McMaster asContinue reading “Making a right choice (2)”

The foundation (2)

I apologize in advance for a rather lengthy post and for the fact that it deals with some quite arcane details of military management, administration and organization, but, in my opinion, those things matter. A couple of weeks ago I posted an article about the importance of “junior leadership” in the military, especially, but, byContinue reading “The foundation (2)”

Playing bumper cars?

Despite warning from China to not test its claims of sovereignty in the South China Seas, which were just renewed, days ago, some factions in the US  which, reportedly chafed at President Obama’s low key reaction to Chinese claims about the South China Sea are emboldened by the arrival of President Trump. Now, according toContinue reading “Playing bumper cars?”

That ‘Big Tent,’ again … and why Erin O’Toole is the right choice

There is an interesting article in iPolirics by Alan Freeman, who became an Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of Ottawa’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs after serving in the Department of Finance as assistant deputy minister of consultations and communications. He was no fan of Prime Minister Harper nor is he of theContinue reading “That ‘Big Tent,’ again … and why Erin O’Toole is the right choice”