Kevin O’Leary … again

I thought I had said all that needed saying about Kevin O'Leary's candidacy almost a year ago when I commented on his idiotic views on foreign and defence policy ~ in which he's a near mirror of Pierre and Justin Trudeau, which means he's totally and completely unqualified to lead Canada ... or even San … Continue reading Kevin O’Leary … again

Change (2)

I have a high regard for Israel, as a liberal democracy, as a modern, sophisticated, free nation and as a military power. I had the opportunity, while serving in the Canadian Army, to see the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) close up and, later, to work with Israeli scientists, officials and military officers on radio frequency … Continue reading Change (2)

But what is he for?

I recall a play (perhaps a film?) from the 1950s in which, after an exhortation about why it was necessary to fight against tyranny and aggression and so on one of the protagonists said something like "Well, that's very good, now I know what you're against. Now, tell me, please: what are you for?" That … Continue reading But what is he for?

The Trump effect?

This article by Murray Brewster from CBC News should give every Canadian pause to wonder about the level of commitment that Team Trudeau has towards its election promises. "Much to the frustration of Canada's allies at the United Nations," the CBC reports, "the Trudeau government postponed the delivery of its long-anticipated peacekeeping plan last month principally because … Continue reading The Trump effect?


General Mark A Milley, Chief of Staff of the United States Army gave an interesting talk at a recent Annual Meeting and Exposition of the Association of the U.S. Army. General Milley emphasized that he wasn't talking about tinkering around the edges. "“The structure and organization of our Army, both operational and institutional, may change … Continue reading Change

How bilingual?

Now that the CPC leadership candidates' French debate is over and Kevin O'Leary is "in" the race Campbell Clark, writing in the Globe and Mail, looks at the French language skills of the field: Two, Maxime Bernier and Steve Blaney are fluent, he says ... ... that's not surprising and I expect that Pierre Lemieux … Continue reading How bilingual?