No good deed goes unpunished

Jenny Yuen, writing in the Toronto Sun, reports that “The woman who told Prime Minister 15895772_10155041886805992_1945110609239043499_oJustin Trudeau she could barely afford to eat after paying her mortgage and hydro bills now says she’s been receiving threats online … [and] … Kathy Katula, the 54-year-old mother of four and grandma of three, said after she was featured in the Toronto Sun about her Peterborough townhall appearance with Trudeau on Friday, trolls and haters have been flooding her Facebook wall with negative comments.” (I have not visited her Facebook page to look for threats but I trust that the Sun did check …)

the Toronto Gay Pride Parade with attracts a million people who line the route

Ms Katula’s good deed was to remind us that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne have a vastly different agenda from that of about 99% of Canadians who do not want to have to choose between dinner and electricity. Ms Katula explained that, as a hard working, middle class single woman she has only $65 left over every two weeks after she paid her mortgage and a $1,000 Ontario Hydro bill. Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Wynne are “paying off” a small but vocal band of supporters who demand radical action, now, to fight climate change. I am not a climate change denier … but I am skeptical about many of the “solutions” and I think that taxing people like Ms Katula into “energy poverty” is a stupid and cruel and above all Liberal policy that aims to appease a tiny minority at the expense of most Canadians. Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Wynne have both made atrocious fiscal policy decisions that seem set to bring economic ruin on to Canada, until 2050, and to drive Ontario, once the “engine of Canada’s economic growth” in poverty. They are doing this to the wild applause of a small but fanatical segment of the population who do not care for the public good … they care only for their cause.

screenshot-2017-01-16-12-17-54The punishment meted out to Ms Katula falls into the “sticks and stones will break my bones and names will never hurt me” category, and, as far as I can read, she has, thus far, only been called names. But it is troubling that some people, faced with a such a sad message, would turn around and shoot the messenger. But I do not believe that the PMO or the Liberal Party is 1377303517_tumblr_lgpfc1DfU01qeweuno1_500behind this … neither is, I think, dumb enough to orchestrate an attack on Ms Katula. They don’t need to, the sorts of people who care so deeply about radical action also believe in Justin Trudeau and they do not need to be organized or encouraged: they will be, automatically, outraged by any criticism of e.g. the carbon tax and they will go out and attack anyone daring to disagree with their anointed saviour, Saint Justin. But there are people who wonder about Ms Katula’s motives and her politics, too.

This ~ neither Ms Katula’s hydro bill nor the attacks on he ~ is not the fault of Prime Minister Trudeau. Her complaint, about his carbon tax, is justified and millions of other Canadians should be echoing it: it is a stupid and destructive policy implemented, as I said, to appease a small but vocal minority by a less than competent government. My guess is that President elect Trump may force Prime Minister Trudeau’s and Premier Wynne’s hands and force them to put some money back into our pockets.

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