One of our Canadian values: our military heritage

This video, set to an excerpt from a speech speech that former British MP and Defence Secretary Michael Portillo gave to the Conservative Party Conference in 1995, is applicable to Canada, to. We are also slow to quarrel but we, also, fight to win. We need to remember our “real history” of bravery in the face of tyranny.

There is more than enough honour and glory and sacrifice in our military history … which is still being written in 2017. As Michael Portillo says, “we are Conservatives,” and we will and must dare to speak of these things. My sense is that many, many Canadians, including younger Canadians living in urban centres want to proud of our country and of its military history … maybe many of their teachers have bought into a Marxist or Progressive world view but young people are curious as interested in our military past and present.

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