The best of enemies


I appear to have made a few enemies on social media because, primarily, of this post: “How We (Conservatives) Can Win The Next Election,” which I made over a year ago. I said then, and reaffirmed, later,, that the religious right,  which I described as being a”small slice” of the Conservative “base” is, too often, identified as being archetypically Conservative when, in fact, as we saw at the recent policy convention …


… most of us are moderates who want the same “big tent” party that I believe we must have to win. I also affirmed that social-conservatives must be given a voice: we must allow everyone to speak their mind, in our riding associations, in policy conventions and in parliament, but the Party must treat many of the older “hot button’ issues” as being settled, and that includes abortion, same sex marriage and other “social” rights. All Canadians have a right to believe what they will but they have no right to impose their beliefs on others.

I’m not any sort of social justice warrior,  but I do believe in a few fundamental rights and I know that they apply to all of us; I also know that right collide, sometimes, and that none are absolute, and the “word” of this that or the other god doesn’t make them so. We Conservatives have bigger fish to fry: we need to bring good, honest, principled and competent government back to Canada; we don’t need to worry about who believes in what or who wears what on their head. If that makes me an “enemy” of a few on the religious right … well, I’m glad that I stand for something.

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