Good for Team Trudeau

CTV News is reporting thatPrime Minister Justin Trudeau’s top advisers have had about a dozen high-level meetings with President-elect Donald Trump’s most trusted officials, CTV News has learned … [and] … The two sides have met 10 or 12 times since download (1)downloadthe U.S. election, and as recently as Tuesday — a five-hour meeting between Trudeau’s chief of staff, Katie Telford, his principal secretary Gerry Butts, White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner … [further] … The meetings have been mostly focused on trade, with the intention of convincing the incoming Trump administration that any tariffs on Canadian goods would hurt the U.S. economy … [and] … CTV News was told that throughout these meetings, Trump’s team became more receptive to Canada’s case that the two economies remain integrated, that Canada is the biggest export market for 35 states, and so imposing taxes or tariffs at the border could hurt both economies.

I have mentioned before that the USA might want to keep the integrated economy because of those US states that need the Canadian market. A lot of President elect Trump’s campaign promises ~ just like a lot of Prime Minister Trudeau’s campaign promises ~ were promises_mademade in haste and without very much thought. He, like Justin Trudeau, will want to put something in the “Promise Made / Promisee Kept” box but it doesn’t really have to be a big deal: he doesn’t need to shred NATFA, just tweak it a bit … and some tweaks might be good for Canada, too.

In any event: good for Team Trudeau for doing the right thing and doing it the right way.

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