Can history repeat itself?

A few months ago I offered my opinion that “Mr Trump is riding a wave of American fear and anger towards a high office for which he is extraordinarily ill-suited.I also agreed wholly with Professor Daniel Pipes who said that “Trump’s boorish, selfish, puerile, and repulsive character, combined with his prideful ignorance, his off-the-cuff policy making, and his neo-fascistic tendencies make him the most divisive and scary of any serious presidential candidate in American history. He is precisely “the man the founders feared,” in Peter Wehner’s memorable phrase.”

s-l300But, hey, just in case you missed it: Donal Trump won the election; on January 20th he will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, and, as I have suggested, he may be the key “newsmaker,” in Canada, in 2017 as he forces Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to abandon his sunny, feminist, green agenda and start managing a G7 country that relies for 80% of its trade on Donald Trump’s USA.

Which brings me to Kevin O’Leary and an article by Gary kevin-oleary1Mason in the Globe and Mail in which he says “It is quite possible that Mr. O’Leary could win the Conservative Party leadership race, even though people scoffed at that notion last year when it was first floated. Back then, Donald Trump was also being discounted as a real threat to the presidency. People have since learned not to be so cocksure of themselves … [and, despite not being even a little bit bilingual] … he could front a populist conservative message that would resonate with many Quebeckers, some of whom might be prepared to overlook his struggling language issues. Who knows?

As Mr Mason says, “Mr. O’Leary still has to declare his entry into the race, let alone win it. But there is something about his potential candidacy that feels a bit like what we are kenney_0witnessing in Alberta with the Progressive Conservatives, who are also looking for a new leader … [where] … former federal cabinet minister Jason Kenney has been playing the role of scary outsider who would destroy the party. (Just as many fear Mr. O’Leary would do to the Conservatives). And like Mr. O’Leary, Mr. Kenney was discounted early on by some who said he didn’t have the necessary connections with the party establishment to win a leadership … [and] … There were also news conferences held by leadership candidates warning about what Mr. Kenney would do not only to the Progressive Conservatives, but the province as a whole … [but] … today, by many people’s estimates, he is the best bet to emerge as the new PC leader … [and] … You can be sure Kevin O’Leary has taken note.

There’s a HUGE difference, of course, between Mr Kenney and Mr O’Leary. Jason Kenny is an established, experienced, proven Conservative leader … Mr O’Leary is a second rate reality TV celebrity (just like Donald Trump) who just joined the Party in late 2016.

If he had joined the race to lead the CPC I would quite possibly be supporting Jason Kenney, today, instead of sitting on the fence; but I wrote off Mr O’Leary eleven months ago because I thought his views on foreign and defence policy were, to be charitable, stupid. He has repeated those stupid views and I have not changed my mind: Mr O’Leary is unfit to lead a two person “parade” to the washroom. I think Kevin O’Leary is an arrogant, ignorant fool, he is, as I said, “supremely unqualified.” But that’s what I thought, and said, about President elect Trump.

So, my question remains: can history repeat itself? If Donald Trump can be president can Kevin O’Leary become leader of the CPC?

There are a lot of good, solid candidates in the Conservative leadership race right now, along with some not so serious, not so credible ones, and, I wish a few more would join the race, but I do not agree (link above) that anyone should try to “Stop Kevin O’Leary” from even entering the race because I count on the good sense of Conservative Party members to soundly reject him if he does.

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