Let’s not stop Kevin O’Leary

RaittLisa_CPCWell, well, well … Lisa Raitt has put the cat amongst the pigeons with her focused attacks on Kellie Leitch and Kevin O’Leary. I am glad to see the gloves coming off.

I disagree, as I have said, with Dr Leitch on the focus of her “values” campaign: immigrants. In my opinion, we, Conservatives, need to enunciate, assert and explain our core Canadian values to all Canadians, old stock and newcomer alike.

I part company with Ms Raitt, however on her “Kevin O’Leary Must Be Stopped” web page. It is not up to other candidates to stop Mr O’Leary: that’s the job of Conservative Party of Canada members when the voting finally starts.

I find Mr O’Leary supremely unqualified and highly unsuitable to be our Party leader, much less prime minister of Canada … but many conservatives, especially the ones a The-Loop_Kevin-OLeary-Taxes_960imagefriend dubbed “Neandercons,” are quite taken with him. We all have a right to be heard and Mr O’Leary has a right to try to persuade us all; Doug Ford, too, if it comes to that. I am confident that the majority of Conservative Party members will reject them both in favour of a much more moderate, experienced, functionally bilingual, seasoned Conservative parliamentarian, like Ms Raitt or maybe one of these …

… or maybe, even, someone who is popular in the Party and the nation and has not yet declared …

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