How much do we really “need to know?”

I am honestly conflicted about this. There has been a lot of media attention devoted to the fact that the prime minister and his family have “slipped away” for a few days over the New Year holiday. Does that really matter. Do we, Canadians, really need to have day-by-day reports of where the PM is spending his holiday?

First: I’m not fussed about the costs. I do not expect, in fact I would be horrified if the PM took a commercial flight anywhere. I believe that he needs the security of the Challenger jet and his RCMP protective detail.

Second: I’m pretty convinced that everyone, even elected national leaders deserve a bit of privacy and even some “down time,” to rest, relax and rejuvenate, out of the public eye.

Third: I believe Prime Minister Trudeau’s office when they say he will pay for all his personal/family expenses.

I think that the PMO may be a bit too secretive. It does not seem to me to endanger the prime minister’s privacy to announce that he and the family will be vacationing in the Caribbean, travelling, safely and securely, by RCAF executive jet, supported, as needed, by vacationrental-musha-cay-at-copperfield-bay-luxurious-private-resort-150-acre-island-for-up-to-24-guests-nassau-bahamas-caribbean-photo-480718the local Canadian diplomatic mission and guarded by his protective detail. I don’t think I need to know which hotel he’s staying in or what it costs, nor do I need daily press briefings. I think we, Canadians, are entitled to know that the PM has left the country for a family vacation and that he is protected and in constant contact with his political and policy staff in case of emergency.

My 2¢, anyway.

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