Adapt or die

Yesterday I quipped about Canada, and others, needing to be like small animals scurrying about while the elephants do battle, we need to be careful and nimble to avoid being trampled by the great, honking beasts. Now, in National Newswatch, Mike Blanchfield says that “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may have taken to Twitter this weekend…… Continue reading Adapt or die

National defence capabilities and military competencies

Back, over a year ago, in mid December 2015, I argued for a list of 11 defence capabilities that I think Canada (actually they apply to pretty much every self respecting country) must, without fail, provide for its military. I challenged anyone to add or subtract from the list ~ no one has. My 11…… Continue reading National defence capabilities and military competencies

Should have been there

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to criss-cross Canada, partly trying, but, evidently, failing to “connect” with the 99% of us who are not “trust fund kids” who get invited to private islands by über-riche royals, but, mainly to deflect public attention from the nauseating stench of corruption that wafts from Liberal fundraisers and his own,…… Continue reading Should have been there

Exactly right

Professor Michael Bliss, a distinguished Canadian historian, is exactly right in a recent letter to the editor published in the Globe and Mail in which he says: “Re On Mali, Proceed With Extreme Caution (editorial, Jan. 24): The best test of the justification for sending troops into areas of high risk is whether the people who…… Continue reading Exactly right

Electoral reform

So, according to a report in the National Post, “Two-thirds of Canadians are happy with how their current voting system works, says a report detailing the findings of the Trudeau government’s online electoral reform survey … [and] … The report, quietly released online Tuesday by Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould, also suggests Canadians are willing to…… Continue reading Electoral reform

At last!

The Canadian Press is reporting that “An ex-Liberal organizer convicted of fraud-related charges in connection with the federal sponsorship scandal was given a four-year prison term Wednesday …  Jacques Corriveau, who was previously described as the ”central figure” in the scandal, will also have 10 years to pay a fine of $1.4 million … [because] …   A jury…… Continue reading At last!

Border security

The other day I mentioned that border security is the responsibility of a competent department of government and I believe that, broadly and generally, our government does take good care of that issue. But, now, according to a report in the Globe and Mail, US President Donald Trump may complicate and simplify their lives. An executive…… Continue reading Border security

Kevin O’Leary … again

I thought I had said all that needed saying about Kevin O’Leary’s candidacy almost a year ago when I commented on his idiotic views on foreign and defence policy ~ in which he’s a near mirror of Pierre and Justin Trudeau, which means he’s totally and completely unqualified to lead Canada … or even San…… Continue reading Kevin O’Leary … again


Happy Australia, Day ~ it’s already the morning of 26 Jan in Australia and here in Hon g Kong ~ to our dear friends who share a lot of common history and most of our values ~ the good ones, anyway ~ and who have stood with us, in peace and war, for over a century.

Change (2)

I have a high regard for Israel, as a liberal democracy, as a modern, sophisticated, free nation and as a military power. I had the opportunity, while serving in the Canadian Army, to see the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) close up and, later, to work with Israeli scientists, officials and military officers on radio frequency…… Continue reading Change (2)