High risk dishonesty

There is a report on the CBC News website that suggests that the Trudeau regime, and especially Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and Procurement Minister Judy Foote are, both: Taking unnecessary risks with Canada’s national security and with the lives of our fighter pilots for crass, partisan political purposes; and Being openly dishonest with Canadians. The CBC…… Continue reading High risk dishonesty

Rookie mistake, ignorance or a well aimed shot across the bows?

The media is full of reports that “Trump speaks with Taiwan’s president, risking China tensions,” as the headline in the Globe and Mail puts it. It begs the question: was this call a rookie mistake? Was it just good manners in a difficult situation? Is it wilful ignorance of or even contempt for the State Department…… Continue reading Rookie mistake, ignorance or a well aimed shot across the bows?

Sickening stench of corruption and dismal ineptitude

It is pretty hard, after reading first one, and then another story in the Globe and Mail to not be somewhat sickened by the stench of corruption that emanates from the Liberal Party of Canada’s cash for access scandal which reaches right up to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who prostitutes himself for $1,500 per person…… Continue reading Sickening stench of corruption and dismal ineptitude

Getting ready …

It appears, according to an article in iPolitcs, that some smart, responsible people in the defence staff are getting ready for the inevitable: “Military setting rules for coping with child soldiers ahead of Africa mission,” is how the article is headlined. It’s a good move. ““We’re well aware we’re going to encounter this,” said one…… Continue reading Getting ready …

Stephen Harper’s fourth term, dressed up in a smile?

I cannot agree with everything that John Ibbitson says in a rather provocative column in the Globe and Mail; for example I do not agree, for example, that “It took real courage for Mr. Trudeau to approve the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline from Edmonton to Burnaby, B.C.” But, I do agree with Mr Ibbitson…… Continue reading Stephen Harper’s fourth term, dressed up in a smile?

Good news!

The Financial Times reports some good news, headlined: “Trump reverses stance by turning to Goldman alumni for key roles” and “President-elect’s change of heart over Wall St bank veterans is a political gamble.” The crux of the story is that “since winning the presidential election, Mr Trump has turned to Goldman veteran after Goldman veteran.…… Continue reading Good news!

A 2% solution?

Both Foreign Affairs and the Financial Times look at European defence policies and plans in light of both the anxiety caused by the arrival of President elect Donald Trump on the scene and increased Russian military activity and a growing, global terrorist threat. In an article in Foreign Affairs, Elizabeth Braw, a specialist in European…… Continue reading A 2% solution?