One perspective …

Here, reproduced from a Middle Eastern journal by Ian Bremmer of the Eurasia Group, is one perspective on the ongoing situation in Africa, the Middle east at West Asia and it’s impact on the US led West: we dump bombs on them and they dump people on us …


… this is related to a common perception of a viscous circle …


… in which we, in the US led West, actually create the terrorists who bomb our own cities.

You do not need to believe it all to understand that the linkages are real, if grossly over-simplified.

What to do?
  • Should we stop the bombings and targeted killings?
  • Should we severely curtail the flow of refugees into our countries? How?
  • Should we intervene, again, in Africa, the Middle East and West Asia, as we have done in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and so on? If that’s the answer then what should we do differently to produce a different, more satisfactory result?

5 thoughts on “One perspective …”

    1. Actually, Sue, I’ve been waiting patiently for this … it was a bit of a joke, but I used “viscous” (sticky) intentionally to suggest that things tend to stick to one another ~ good things and bad things reinforce themselves.

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