He speaks for me

There is a GREAT post by the Angry Staff Officer on his blog entitled: “Stop Calling Us Warriors.” The Angry Staff Officer is a US Army officer, and engineer, and so, as you would expect his ‘rant’ is couched in US terms and culture but, as I have said, we, Canadians, often mindlessly, adopt US memes and themes as our own and the notion of a “warrior culture” is one of them.

I have explained before what I believe makes a good soldier, what I am certain is necessary to be a good soldier. There are six, people centred attributes, I suggest:


Toughness, superb discipline, great training and adequate equipment need to be “book-ended” by good leadership and proper organization. If our sailors, soldiers and air force members are all those things then they will be damned hard to beat … and none of those 445_alertaerial9088ead95b2a1c29a81fec6f0ecf895dthings have anything to do with “warriors” or Spartans or the Roman legions or medieval mercenaries. We have people, from electronics technicians in remote radio stations to special forces assaulters who are amongst the world’s very best sailors, soldiers and aviators: let’s understand what they do and how they need to do it, not “brand” them with fake, Hollywood attributes.

Thanks, Angry Staff Officer … I wish I’d said that!

One thought on “He speaks for me

  1. Yes, from what I know, having known many from seventy five or so years back—I did four and out in a cushy job as a weather observer during the Korean war—-Not much to brag about, maybe, but we were respected by the forecasters for what we did. If we said “You don’t fly”, you didn’t fly. My favorite story from it all: A Lt. Col, eager to get off the ground, pestered me about his “minimums” until the forecaster on duty, one 1st Lt .Richard Frost, a Naval Academy graduate, invited him to climb to the tower from which we made our visibility observations and motioned to me to follow. The Lt. explained in detail how we used a chart that showed us at the center of rings of easily recognizable landmarks, working his way outward to just beyond the three mile minimum for take off and then asking, “See that farm house out there?” Of course the Col responded “Yes”. To which my favorite forecaster responded with “Colonel, there ain’t no farm house there.” This was a complete surprise to me, and I had to turn away—I doubt you can find that Col. today, but I hope Lt. Frost sees this—-

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