High risk dishonesty

There is a report on the CBC News website that suggests that the Trudeau regime, and especially Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and Procurement Minister Judy Foote are, both:

  1. Taking unnecessary risks with Canada’s national security and with the lives of our fighter pilots for crass, partisan political purposes; and
  2. Being openly dishonest with Canadians.

The CBC report says that “The Liberal government’s plan to keep a number of its CF-18 fighters flying through the 2020s — possibly up to 2032 — is a “high-risk” and “costly” option, according to an internal government report obtained by CBC News.” The report was written a couple of years ago by engineering experts inside the Department of National Defence, and, the CBC says, “It raises questions about the serviceability and survivability of the aging fighters at the crucial transition time when the Liberal government hopes to bring a replacement on line.” The Harper Conservatives planned to keep the CF-18s in service, by doing some additional engineering upgrades, until 2025 ~ something which the expert engineers and combat experienced pilots, like Lieutenant General Hood, the commander of the RCAF, thought safe and operationally acceptable, Screenshot 2016-06-13 11.46.01and then replace them with brand new F-35 Lightning II fighters. But Justin Trudeau said “No F-35s” and, in so doing, backed his government into a corner which only off the cuff policy changes and outright lies can make provide a possible way out … as long as too many Canadians retain their willful blindness to Liberal chicanery. But the Trudeau cabinet decided to kick the can down the road, until promises_madeafter the next election, presumably so they can put a check mark in the “promise made / promise kept” box, and “Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan last week said permanent replacements for the ’80s-vintage jets “will be fully operational in the late 2020s” … [and] … “That means we must continue to fly the legacy CF-18s throughout the 2020s, no matter what,” Sajjan said during the news conference announcing the government’s decision.” It looks to me as though dbc101373797_high2Minister Sajjan has decided that he, a former police detective, knows more about aircraft than his many highly qualified military and civilian engineering officers, many of whom have advanced training in reliability, availability, maintainability and durability analysis. I believe he is just playing politics … and, potentially, endangering Canada’s national security and the lives of our CF-18 pilots in the process. For shame!

Over on CTV News, Procurement Minister Judy Foote also plays fast and loose with the facts as she trie, disgracefully, imageto play one general off against another. Her statement that ““Maybe you need to be asking Gen. Hood the difference between him and what [Gen.] Vance had to say,”” is an absolute disgrace given that she is comparing what one general said, in April, long before the change in policy, with what another said after the change in policy. Is that just an honest mistake? Is Minister Foote a fool? No, of course not, she’s neither innocently mistaken nor a fool; she is, simply, a dishonest bloody disgrace … and the Canadian media is negligent for not calling her out on it, as a blatant Liberal liar. In any responsible, honest government she would have been fired for such a statement and for trying to use serving generals as pawns in her partisan political claptrap … and any honest, responsible person who uttered such a calumny would have had the decency to resign without being asked.

So, what do we have?

  1. Policies made “on the fly” in order to keep silly promises made, also on the fly, during an election campaign that tried to press every single “hot button” that might shift votes to the Liberals;
  2. Dishonest politicians who put partisan political advantage ahead of the safety of our military men and women and the the best technical advice of our expert engineers; and
  3. Dishonest politicians who lie in order to try to convince gullible Canadians that one general disagrees with another.

What we have, in short, is a government that belongs in the political garbage dump.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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