Sickening stench of corruption and dismal ineptitude

Canada's PM Trudeau listens to a question from a journalist during an event at a restaurant in Gatineau

It is pretty hard, after reading first one, and then another story in the Globe and Mail to not be somewhat sickened by the stench of corruption that emanates from the Liberal Party of Canada‘s cash for access scandal which reaches right up to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who prostitutes himself for $1,500 per person per evening in the posh homes of wealthy foreigners where, in the words of the Globe and Mail, “the most recent Trudeau fundraiser, which was held on Nov. 7 at the West Vancouver mansion of B.C. developer Miaofei Pan, a multimillionaire from Wenzhou province … [and] … Mr. Pan told The Globe and Mail he lobbied the Prime Minister to make it easier for well-heeled investors from China to come to Canada. He said he told Mr. Trudeau the program put in place by the former Conservative government was “too harsh.”

downloadIn the case of Maryam Monsef, she was forced to apologize to the House of Commons for her earlier remarks. The Globe and Mail quotes “NDP MP Nathan Cullen, vice-chair of the committee, [who] said the report reflects the hard work of parliamentarians … [and] … “For a minister who hadn’t even read it, to simply throw it in the trash can and say you’ve failed is unprecedented to me,” Mr. Cullen said. “I’m trying to even imagine under a Stephen Harper government a minister being so dismissive of the work of an independent committee of the House of Commons.”

Now, pretty clearly, for me anyway, the stench of corruption that clings to a prime minister is more serious than the stupid comments of an inept minister about parliamentarians … but Minister Monsef’s comments give one pause to wonder about her fitness to be in parliament, much less in cabinet.

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