The year in review and the year ahead

The media is, of course, full of reports about what happened, for better or worse, in 2016 and what will likely matter in 2017. For example: a team of journalists including John Ivison and David Akin take a look back in the National Post, and on the CBC website the Power & Politics panel ruminateContinue reading “The year in review and the year ahead”

An exemplary leader

A couple of things caught my eye over the Christmas week: There were several stories about Kevin O’Leary being surrounded by advisors including such Conservative heavyweights “former Ontario premier Mike Harris [and] former Conservative Sen. Marjory LeBreton,” who will help him to decide how, and even if, to seek the leadership of the Conservative PartyContinue reading “An exemplary leader”

Peacekeeping: a national value or a pointless waste of Canadian lives?

“We will have dead Canadians and frankly achieve nothing.” Dr. Jack Granatstein, Canadian Historian There is an interesting article in the Toronto Star in which two Canadian Historians, Walter Dorn and Jack Granatstein present differing views on the forthcoming peacekeeping mission. Professor Dorn is a well known proponent of peacekeeping operations in which we participate becauseContinue reading “Peacekeeping: a national value or a pointless waste of Canadian lives?”

Time to change?

There is an interesting story on the Global News website, headlined: “Majority of Canadians say ties to monarchy should be cut when Queen dies: poll.” “A majority of Canadians now believe that when Queen Elizabeth II dies and Prince Charles ascends to the throne, Canada should cut ties with the monarchy,” the story says, and “AContinue reading “Time to change?”

Is the EU shattering? Are “values” the issue?

A couple of months ago I wondered if the Netherlands might be the next country to exit the EU. Now, an article in The Express, quotes Marine LePen, leader of France’s National Front, from an interview with the Greek newspaper Dimokratia, Mlle LePen said: “Frexit will be a part of my policy.” A slideshow embedded inContinue reading “Is the EU shattering? Are “values” the issue?”

Worth bearing in mind …

… especially for those of us who would discuss politics and strategy (or lack of it) and values and the business of soldiering. (Apologies to H.L. Mencken, who may or may not have coined this phrase.)

A troubling question of perceptions

In a column in the Globe and Mail, concerning whether or how the Middle East will disrupt Donald Trump’s presidency, John Ibbitson raises a troubling question. “All of these presidents,” Mr Ibbitson say, speaking or Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Barak Obama, “brought, at the least, goodwill to the question of howContinue reading “A troubling question of perceptions”