The exceptions that prove the rule

Yesterday I said, in a post about double standards, that “Some people will sustain injuries ~ physical and mental ~ that cannot be described as anything but so very long term as to be “permanent” in nature. These good, brave people cannot have careers in the Canadian Forces, not if we are serious about it…… Continue reading The exceptions that prove the rule

Media bias?

I have followed and commented upon the story of Minister Maryam Monsef; in so doing I have, several timers, quoted Sun reporter/columnist Candice Malcom. My general take has been that Ms Monsef is, very possibly, innocent of any personal wrongdoing, but she may be in an impossible position and it appears, to me, that she…… Continue reading Media bias?

Military double standards

There is an article in the Globe and Mail that points to a serious failure in leadership in the Government of Canada and in Canadian Armed Forces. I fully understand and support the principle of “universality of service” for any full time, professional, combat ready military force … which is what we (should) expect the…… Continue reading Military double standards

Free advice on free(er) trade

There is an excellent article in The Telegraph by Stephen Harper ~ yes, that Stephen Harper, our Stephen Harper ~ in which he advises our British friends on how to approach free(er) trade in the wake of the Brexit. In it, Prime Minister Harper says to the folks in the United Kingdom that “As you embark on the…… Continue reading Free advice on free(er) trade

Just when we thought …

Just when we thought that lunacy was, by and large, confined to Wallonia, North Korea and the America presidential election campaign, we learn that FIFA … you remember FIFA, Sepp Blatter, and all that, don’t you? … … at least FIFA’s new head honcho, Gianni Infantino of Switzerland, and FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura, of Senegal,…… Continue reading Just when we thought …

Military myths

There are three myths that colour Canadians’ attitudes towards deciding how much and what sorts of defence they need and how much they should pay for it: The American Myth; The Militia Myth; and The Peacekeeping Myth. The American Myth says that we needn’t do much of anything to defend ourselves because the USA would…… Continue reading Military myths

A perpetual problem

I see, in a report in the National Post, that a perpetual problem has been raised again: “Job dissatisfaction and repeated moves to new locations across the country are the top reasons behind Canadian Forces personnel leaving the military,”says David Pugleise in the Ottawa Citizen. The report goes on to say that “”A desire for…… Continue reading A perpetual problem

Three things that Churchill said …

Three things that Sir Winston Churchill said that always bear repeating … and … because, true as they may be, the desire to get something for nothing drives people to buy lottery tickets and support big, left wing governments. Conservatives must explain that their goal is to create more opportunities for more people to have…… Continue reading Three things that Churchill said …