Dominance or decline, or some of each?

Six years ago Professor Joseph Nye, the famous political scientist and author of Soft Power (which I discussed yesterday in conjunction with China's current global "offensive") , wrote an essay for Foreign Affairs in which he discussed "The Future of American Power," as he saw it then, and in which he aimed to put "dominance and decline in … Continue reading Dominance or decline, or some of each?


The media is full of one story today: 230+ officials, military officers, civil servants and contractors were forced to sign lifetime gag orders (non disclosure agreements) regarding the fighter jet replacement issue. Why? What's so secret? Many senior officials (including former assistant deputy ministers in DND and very senior military people who held very, very … Continue reading Coverup?

Everyman’ Strategic Survey: China makes its moves

Although not, in my opinion, entirely the result of the election of Donald Trump, the Chinese have pounced upon what they see as an emerging vacuum in American foreign policy. It seemed evident that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump might have promised their way right out of the TPP in order to appease rising … Continue reading Everyman’ Strategic Survey: China makes its moves

Well said, Jody

I'm just going to repeat what former sniper, wounded veteran and now Ottawa City Councillor Jody Mitic said about this story ("Faced with skyrocketing costs and ballooning demand, the federal government is dramatically cutting back the amount of medical marijuana it will cover for veterans") and Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr: "The most action we've seen … Continue reading Well said, Jody

Is the TPP really dead? RCEP, anyone?

Both The Economist and the Financial Times report that "America has abandoned TPP, in effect killing the trade pact that was a decade in the works and nearly complete," and "Donald Trump has said he plans to begin pulling out of the 12-country Pacific trade deal championed by the Obama administration on his first day in … Continue reading Is the TPP really dead? RCEP, anyone?

Interim buy plus open competition

If I understood what Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and others said yesterday afternoon, the government has decided to augment the existing CF-18 fleet with 18 new Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet jet fighters to meet what it says are the urgent needs of the air force. "It would," CBC News says, "stand as a partial replacement for the country's aging fleet … Continue reading Interim buy plus open competition

New fighter? Broken promises?

CTV News' Mercedes Stephenson is reporting, right now, that top military officers including the Chief of the Defence Staff and the Chief of the Air Staff are going to meet with cabinet, presumably to decide on the CF-18 replacement. A decision could be announced this morning. Which promise will Prime Minister Trudeau break? Will he … Continue reading New fighter? Broken promises?