Through a glass, darkly

A few months ago I wondered if it was only me who saw the Liberals as being a bit “tone deaf:” I noted that Prime Minister Trudeau had been out-manoeuvred by CPC leader Rona Ambrose on his response to the Fort McMurray fires, the undemocratic way the Liberals were pushing electoral reform, there was the lingering taste of the “Sophie eruption,” and then the PM involved himself, physically, in a minor brawl in the House of Commons; all in the news back in May.

Now the matter of electoral reform is still with us but it is complicated by the personal downloadstory of Minister Maryam Monsef. A couple of months back I suggested that Ms Monsef deserved the benefit of the doubt. But she has misused and abused the time since it was revealed that her application to come to Canada was falsified to obfuscate and dissemble rather than to clarify. The matter is made worse because, under this Trudeau regime, deportations of people in exactly Minister Monsef’s situation are proceeding at a higher rate then in the Harper era.

RAAF_(A44-222)_FA_18F_Super_Hornet_landingAdded to that is the unprecedented gag orders imposed upon officials, military officers and contractors involved in helping the government to craft a very, very political solution to a nasty, self impose political problem surrounding the replacement of out ageing fleet of CF-18 jet fighters which makes people like me think “cover up!”

tumblr_nz2og113hy1s5pbcjo1_1280bill-morneau-02And then there is the unsavoury image of the finance minister and even prime minister, himself, appearing to be selling his influence, like any cheap, 19th century Tammany Hall ward heeler, to the highest bidder at “cash for access” fundraisers. That, quite simply, stinks to high heaven and both the opposition and even the most Trudeau friendly media are coming down hard on the prime minister and on the Liberal “brand” for, so very soon, just a year into the mandate, falling back into the political cess pool from which they promised to rescue us all.

POB00 1003 Trueau21 copyAnd, just yesterday, to top it all off, there are his controversial comments eulogizing Fidel Castro, which have puzzled most, enraged many and caused amusement, disdain, disbelief and concern from many corners of the world. He appears to have tried to walk the knife edge between the cool politeness which many think would be appropriate given Castro’s murderous record, and respecting his late father’s evident real admiration for the communist tyrant.

Canadians, just over a year ago, voted for …


… because a plurality of Canadians, actually a bit less than 40% of the 70% of eligible voters who bothered to vote at all, decide that they were tired of …


… and wanted more of this sort of thing …

Well, we got “real change,” we changed all the way back to the early 2000s when we last reminded ourselves why the Liberals need to reform themselves …

The Trudeau Liberals spoke to us, in 2015, “with the tongues of men and of angels,” but once they had fooled enough Canadians who believed their promises to “remove mountains” and “feed the poor,” they reverted to form. But now we should be able to see them, “through a glass, darkly,” for what they are: the same old corrupt Liberals.


By Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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